Set Me Free

Why must everything be permanent?
Are we only what we’ve done?
It’s quiet here in isolation,
Under ever setting Sun.
Life is a blade.
I feel my time bleeding away.
A void I haven’t filled.
I chase the wind and then I see
This pain is up to me.
I hold the key to set me free.

Set me free, set me free, LORD
I can see, I can see.
Let me be, let me be, LORD
I am me, I am me.

I’ve been sleepless for so long.
I’ve been lost inside my dreams.
Haunted ever by a nightmare.
Of what’s to come, of what may be.
But yet I feel that there’s still time
left for amends, if I can only find a way.
To see myself for what I am,
Not merely chaos trapped in man.
This burning anger burning through my hands